Cell Biology

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Cell biology notes for bio medical engineering.Cell biology almost cover important topics with their graphics chapter wise

Chapter 1. Structure of prokaryotec

1. Structure of prokaryotec and eukaryotic cells
2. Structural evolution of cells

Chapter 2. Cell division

1. Cell division
2. Cell Cycle
3. Molecular basis of cell division
4. Regulation of cell division
5. An overview of phase
6. Mitosis
7. Cytokinesis and miosis

Chapter 3. Mammalian and animal cells

1. Animal Cell Structure
2. Cell Membrane
3. Membrane transport system
4. Mechanisms of vesicular transport

Chapter 4. General Principles of cell signaling

1. General Principles of cell signaling
2. Signaling via a- protein-linked cell surface
3. Enzyme-linked receptor
4. Target cell adaptation

Chapter 5. Structure of nerve cells

1. Structure of nerve cells
2. The logic of intracellular signaling
3. Natural networks ( Computer based) transmission

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