Pedometer for health care

Mobile Health Care

Health & Fitness


A pedometer for health care.
Keep your health in pedometer.
You can measure the number of steps each day. Try to meet the challenge by setting your own goals.
From now on, please start a healthy diet.
If you start with the start button pedometer to measure your steps will be 24 hours, with daily automatic daily.
The ranking is determined by comparing the number of step with users around the world.
Is my pace may have myeotdeung in the world? Compare.

• Since when pressing the start button, the number will be measured anywhere in your yard.
• You can set a goal for me.
• The number of steps from the main screen of the day, calorie consumption, you can determine the distance, speed, pace, and you can see how often Achievement goal of the day.
• If you walked into a 1-10 step sequential set automatically recognized as valid for walk pace. Immediately recognized in the case of one step.
• Set the time for a more efficient battery consumption activities.
• Record daily exercise to start once turned off without each other, unlike during exercise pedometer app and shows the daily statistics. 'Pedometer - Health Torpedo "is only if you carry a cellphone that you always carry without using a special device will measure the number of daily steps.
• Two kinds of widgets provided (simple and concise widgets, data widgets telling detail of the day)
• the number of daily steps by showing the user a list clearly shows the data.
• The number of steps of the main screen will be reset to the standard midnight.
• The number of daily steps through the graph, calories, and you will see a change in the distance.
• On the detail screen, you can share your data to other people that day.
• Unit Setting
  - Meters, miles in length, and the setting can be set in meters km, m, with cm Weight is converted to kg.
  - Miles in length when setting mi, ft, in inch weight is converted to lb.
• Set the height and weight for a more accurate measurement. This will set the calculation to fit the walking stride stride and run it.
• You can manually set automatically when set is different from your own stride stride.
• setting and, if you set up a profile to suit your workout more efficient and accurate measure.

Movement in daily life can reduce the number of errors contained in the pace setting the effective continuous pace.
Please select the sensitivity to suit your device.
Sets whether to launch a notification via the notification bar whether setting.

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