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Photo Art Frame create beautiful photo collage art from your photos. Art collage with 3 main features:

1. Create beautiful square grid, edit photo with grids: beautiful and awesome layout grid. With layout grid you can change color, change photos,...
2. Portrait layout grid, edit photo with portrait grid: Beautiful portrait grids with awesome grid shapes. High resolution and nice frame layouts for you to create best photo collage
3. Style portrait frame collage: Create and edit your photos with style portrait collage, you can free to change background from color picker, your camera photo or available background

Photo Art Frame features:
-Choose photo from your album or take photo from you camera
-Create yourself background with blur effect to decorate your photo collage
-Support 2, 3 photo collage art with beautiful frames, beautiful shapes and beautiful layout grids
-We has two size support 1200x1200 and 1200x1800
-With Photo Art Frame you can move, drag, zoom in, zoom out your photo to fit with beautiful frames
-Share your photos collage to your friends, your family,...
-Beautiful and high resolution available background pattern
-Friendly user interface: Easy to use
+Click MOVE PIC1 to move. zoom-in, zoom-out, drag photo 1
+Click MOVE PIC2 to move. zoom-in, zoom-out, drag photo 2
+Click MOVE PIC3 to move. zoom-in, zoom-out, drag photo 3
-Photo Art Frame you has awesome photo edit application which you can easy way to edit your photos and share!

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