Pango Comics

Studio Pango


Dive into the MAGIC of reading.PANGO COMICS helps children from 3 years old read stories "all by themselves".FOLLOW the story without speech bubbles or text, and LAUGH at gentle and funny twists.Big square boxes, clean and simple layouts, and a fluid narration to get familiar with the MAGIC of reading.Through delicious adventures, Pango stimulates your IMAGINATION48 easy stories to discover for FUN "Have some time to share?Join your child in their reading, reverse the roles and ask them to read you a story . With each word they choose, your child GROWS"PANGO COMICS, the fun in READING like a GROWN-UP FEATURES- 48 stories to READ for FUN- More than 288 pages- AUTONOMOUS reading- FUNNY and FESTIVE universe- Perfect for children 3 or older- A simple, functional application- Internal parental control- No in-game purchases and no invasive advertising

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